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School is Out! So We Went to the Mountains!

June 5, 2016


Sometimes I wonder if I should be a teacher.  It’s a lot of work.  It tests my patience.  It’s really hard.  (It’s also hilarious…. but you know….).  But every time I wonder if I picked the right career, summer comes along and makes all my dreams come true.


We started off by heading into the mountains.  I had never been to Yellowstone & Brandon has a mission companion that lives in Montana.  It WAS AWESOME!  Track season was REALLY busy.  I’m talking REALLY busy.  Brandon and I hadn’t really spent a ton of time together and so it was nice to be shoved into a car for 4 days straight.  We talked, we laughed, I fell asleep, Brandon drove, we ate red vines…it was fun.

So if you haven’t been to Yellowstone… it’s pretty much nature and animals.  Which I tend to like.  It’s like a zoo… with no gates….and loooooots of tourists!  We camped which was fun and I even survived my fear that a bear was going to come and eat me in the night.


It was a tad cold… but I didn’t mind.

We went on a lot of pretty hikes, saw Old Faithful (which was not nearly as cool as the animals or hikes….), didn’t try and “save” any cold baby bison, and ran through a geyser that smelled like sulfur.
DSC_0087 DSC_0143








After Yellowstone we headed up to Montana and stayed with some friends.  They were PHENOMENAL hosts!  We learned the COOL history of Helena, went on a river where Lewis & Clark sailed, and hiked to the top of a mountain.  It was AWESOME!  Plus I suppose hanging out with some good friends wasn’t too bad either ;).



Overall we had an awesome vacation.  We are so blessed to have the resources/jobs to go on vacation, to have friends to visit, and to live in such an amazing country.  We feel so very blessed and are grateful to Heavenly Father for His love He shows us.  Onto the next adventures!

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