Girls Camp Was a Dream!

June 30, 2016

It is no secret that I LOOOOOOVE girls camp!  I work with the young women in my ward and I absolutely love it.  Each year we have the opportunity to go up to the mountains, sing some songs, and learn about each other and the gospel.  It is pretty much the greatest ever.

The last few months many of the things I had planned for myself have not worked out [cough… running… cough].  Some things I hadn’t even considered plopped into my lap and I’ve had to adjust! [uh….. grad school in June anyone?!]  I know that when we prepare for spiritual experiences and come with a heart ready that God will answer the questions we have and help us with what matters most.  So with a few things in mind I went up to girls camp with some questions for Heavenly Father.  Girls camp did not disappoint and I was almost overwhelmed with HOW much He answered and how direct and personal those answers were.  To be honest, I wasn’t even really expecting that direct of answers, but direct they were!  It was such a blessing to see His hand in my life and the “Brooke” specific answers He had for me.

One of my new best pals, Marie!

One of my new best pals, Marie!

I haven’t really been too open about this, but physically I have been struggling big time the past few months.  Yes my running suffered and my hair falls out, but it has been a daily struggle just to wake up on time and to not need a nap after a few hours of being awake.  I haven’t been able to be as active as I normally am and that is what is most frustrating to me.  Things as simple as mowing the lawn have become an Olympic feat for me.  I thought maybe it was a bit of overtraining but it’s been about 4 months and I’m still feeling just as tired (if not more) than I did in February.  We’ve been to the family doctor and there’s nothing on the surface wrong. [Well for a bit I wasn’t producing as much oxygen in my blood but that has returned to normal.]  I can’t get into the specialist until October so for now it’s just a rest and wait type deal.

So what does that have to do with girls camp?  Well, if anything, the entire time I was up there I had the best [and strongest] feeling that Heavenly Father knew how frustrated I was with my body and that I was where I needed to be– and for now that was at girls camp, not on the track.  Pretty cool huh?

Ok, so that’s the serious side of girls camp…. on a more fun note…. I really do just LOVE girls camp!  The mountains are beautiful, the girls are hilarious, the leaders are amazing humans [and hilarious as well…].  You get to scream your lungs out and play, play, play.  I love having the opportunity to serve and work with teenagers and watch them grow and develop.  I love that the biggest challenges are generally if you’re on time to the lake or if you brought enough butter for cooking.  It’s pretty much the greatest.  The cares of the world and of day to day life are set aside and you just get to play and live the simple life.  Oh, and you know those super annoying and loud, repetitive camp songs?  Well, I love them more than life itself.  You can sing “The Lord said to Noah….” and “The Princess Pat” to me at any time of any day and I will join right in.  They make my soul happy!  Weird, I know, but they really do.

And that’s girls camp.  I loved it.  I miss it!  I’m grateful for the opportunity to go.  Until next time!

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  • Reply Loralee Fernsten July 20, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Camp Shalom!! I love it there as well! Just reading your blog brought back so many treasured memories of that mountain home! That’s such a high altitude. I hope it didn’t bother your breathing, like it did mine!! It sounds like you were able to grow spiritually and enjoy being a YW leader…a perfect combination!!

  • Reply Marie August 7, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    I’m a little late to read your post, but I agree that girls camp was awesome! And getting to know you better was one of the best parts! I’m so honored that I’m in 50% of your pictures on this post. Haha!

    • Reply brookegojazz September 8, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Yessssss!! This was such a great week for us! And see. I reply to comments. Just months later. #you’rewelcome

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