We Don’t Have Internet & It is THE BEST!

July 28, 2016

I wanted to blog…. but I don’t want to blog about our trip…. YET!

So, I thought I would blog about us not having the internet at our casa. Random really, but relevant.

Here’s what we usually get when we tell people we don’t have the internet at our house:

Wait WHAAAAAT?!  You don’t have the internet? How do you live?!  How do you survive in this 21st century world?!

Well.  We actually thrive.  Here’s the story:

Once upon a time we lived in a cute baby house in Provo.  Then Google Fiber [an internet provider] moved to Provo and it was the greatest thing ever!  Google Fiber is FREE, yes FREE.  [Ok, ok, you pay a $30 installation fee, but then it was free… like literally free.] We had Google Fiber for over a year and we loved it! Then we decided to move to Orem to buy a house. I was truly torn because I loooooved Google Fiber and I didn’t want to leave it, but I also knew I’d live closer to Taco Amigo…#priorities.  So to Orem we went, where Google Fiber isn’t available.


After we moved and were ridiculously poor [remember the whole “bought a house” thing?] we were looking for ways to save money.  And we thought, well, let’s just wait to get internet until we can find it really cheap.    So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Originally we thought we’d see if we could do it and then a few months… and now over a year has gone by and still no internet.  And we realized we could do it.  And we LOVED IT!!! And after a while… we thought that maybe we didn’t need the internet.


I LOVE not having the internet! Yes, sometimes it’s inconvenient, but mostly it has been so great.  When we were living in Provo there were lots of times we’d sit in a room together and not really be together because I was pinterest-ing and Brandon was researching or whatever.  It wasn’t really bad, but we weren’t really spending quality time together.  Whenever we were bored we’d just get online.  Whenever I was at home I’d just get online.  And we’d do whatever it is we do online, sitting in a room together but not really together.

Without internet we have to entertain each other, there’s not hours of silly youtube videos to do this.  We have to talk to each other, there’s not “socializing” on facebook.  We have to prioritize and plan, but that also means prioritizing each other when we are home instead of whatever is online.

I’m not saying this would work for everyone.  When we were full-time students there’s no way this would have worked.  But in our current situation, we make it work.  I have a smart phone for those quick phone numbers, google questions, etc. that pop up.  We have internet at work to check emails and the news.  We have the public library [free internet if you didn’t know], and our parents for other things that come up.  It works for us, and it is fantastic.

So as I sit here on our trip where we have had Wi-Fi and internet at our fingertips, I really am glad we don’t have the internet 24/7 at home.  Because on this trip I find myself drifting into old habits of checking facebook more often than normal, pinteresting the world, and spending way more time doing a lot of nothings online than somethings in life.  And although I know that the internet isn’t inherently bad, nor would it be bad if we got it again, I love that in one way, we simplified our life to make more time for each other.  And really, that is the most important thing.


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