Davies Do Brazil: The Flight There [Part I]

August 7, 2016

For the last 4 years Brandon and I have been planning a trip to Brazil.  At first we just kind of dreamed about it, saying how cool it would be to go and visit his mission and see the Olympics.  We weren’t sure if we’d be able to afford it or if it would work with work & school.  We started saving in hopes that we could but knew we’d have to wait and see.  Then as time got closer we found that we might actually be able to make it happen!  And here we are.  I’m sitting in a hotel room in Rio with the beach JUST outside our room.  It’s pretty cool that the stars aligned and we were able to make this happen.

BUT!!! We almost didn’t make it.  Literally.

Salt Lake

So.  The next day we headed to the SLC airport [thanks for the ride parentals!!] and had given ourselves PLENTY [like a 4 hour layover] of time to catch our Las Vegas flight with a different airline [we saved almost $800 flying internationally out of Vegas instead of SLC].  However when we got through security and to our gate, we realized we didn’t bring our Olympic tickets.  Thankfully our father-in-law was willing to bring them up and we got them through security.

BUT THEN!!! As we were about to board, Southwest began having crazy problems and was cancelling all sorts of flights.  Our flight was CANCELLED [while we were sitting on the plane], uncancelled, and then DELAYED by almost 3 HOURS!!  WE WERE STRESSED TO THE MAX!! We had spent THOUSANDS of dollars on our flights and wouldn’t be reimbursed for missing our Brazil flight because it was through a different airline.  As we (and a million other people) were running through the airport to find other flights or options, we got word that we were going to take off.  We sat in the front row knowing our time was short to get to our Vegas flight.  We finally took off and that’s where the real fun begins.



Right when we landed we knew we only had about 25 minutes to check in or we would miss our flight.  But if you’ve ever been to the Vegas airport, it’s complicated.  We also had checked baggage and needed to wait for that to arrive before we could go.  By the time we unloaded the plane, found the baggage claim, and were waiting, we only had about 15 minutes.  The baggage WOULD. NOT. COME. Finally, totally patient, calm, collected, mellow, as I am [not], I told Brandon I would try and find how to get to the gate we needed to go to.  Wouldn’t you know it the airport was doing construction so none of the escalators/elevators were working. We need to take a bus to the next terminal and we were running out of time.

As I’m running around the airport like a maniac figuring out where to go and as 2 people told me the wrong way to go, Brandon is sitting there waiting for our luggage.  I eventually find the bus- which takes 85 years to get going- and get to the right terminal.  Like the kids at school running with a backpack [which is PRETTY challenging!!], and after sprinting up 3 flights of stairs to the check in, Brandon calls and tells me he has our luggage and is on his way.

I’m gasping and asking a random lady if we can check in for our flight still.

She asks what time our flight leaves and I say 2:00.

She says there is no way you can make it, it has to be 45 minutes before.

But it’s 1:10 so I’m a bit confused, about to start crying, and am SUPER sweaty.

So I ask her if there is ANYTHING we can do.

She says no.

I say but we still have 5 minutes!

And she says Oh!  Well what time was your flight again?

I say 2:00.  Then she became our angel of the day and is like “WE CAN DO THIS!!! BUT WE HAVE TO HURRY!!”

Meanwhile Brandon is making his way through the airport and I tell him he needs to SPRINT.  Literally. Or we aren’t making it. We have 5 minutes, no more.  Turns out everyone on the bus was listening to my desperate phone call to him and were clapping and cheering for him as he got off the bus to make the flight [I love Americans, ha ha].

With that he checks in, we shove our luggage on the belt, and we MAKE IT!!! With 1 minute to spare.

We Made It

We flew to Washington D.C. [wish we’d had a 5 day layover there……], and then flew out to Brazil with really no major incidences minus the t.v.’s not working.

So that’s our story of how we would be awesome on the Amazing Race.  I’m so grateful we made it!  We said a million prayers that day [of asking and gratitude] and were so happy we made it!  Miracles really do happen, and that was one of ours.

Written August 2, 2016

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  • Reply Jami Jensen August 7, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    I’m so excited about this series! Seriously! This post had me laughing out loud and then cheering and then crying (I blame Olympics emotions) … That was intense!!! Glad you made it! But next time? DC layover please!!!! 😉

  • Reply Pearl T. Davies August 7, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Oh my gosh! That is truly the “story of the day”, or better yet~~”The miracle of the day”! Unbelievable what you went through!! I am sure you, now, understand more fully, what your dad said in his blessing the night before. I guess if it were me, I would have been super hesitant to keep on going~~just waiting for what was going to happen next! But, SO thankful you made it, and that the experiences you had were good ones! Many prayers (including ours) were being offered in your behalf! Just glad that you are now home! When you finally get your breath, drop over, and tell us every detail of the “Adventures of Brandon and Brooke”.! Love you~~now back to reality? Ugh??? Hugs to both of you~~Grandma D.

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