Thoughts On…. Brasil [Week 1]

August 10, 2016
  1.  The church is true… in all languages and on all continents
    But duh.  We knew this.
  2. GPS is mostly good for marriages
    See #3.
  3. Laughter is a good remedy when the GPS isn’t working.
    And you are driving through the hills of Sao Paulo and your husband has no idea where to go and is asking you and you’re like…. don’t ask me! I never lived here!
  4. I love different cultures & people.
    Traveling is the best way to experience that. My heart grows with the more people I meet and I love it.
  5. I love America…. like WAY more than most people do
    It’s been 1 week.  And though #4 is certainly true, I would NEVER move from the States.  Not because I don’t like Brasil, the food, the people…but because I really just love America more than normal people.
  6. Brazilians may be the best car parkers of all time.  The parking stalls and even the roads are TINY!!! And everything is parallel parking.  Good job Brazilians.  We were very impressed.
  7. We never thought we could do the Amazing Race. But we SO could.
    Our airport travel the first day literally became the amazing race.  We were sprinting, sweating, asking random strangers to point us in the right direction…I’m kind of bossy & Brandon is kind of OCD.  But it turns out we would likely rock at the amazing race.
  8. Picking up on Portuguese isn’t too bad.
    Listening is great.  Speaking on the other hand….See my instagram post [@brookegojazz] P.S. Thanks to all my Spanish teachers.  You teaching me how to learn a language, different tenses, and language conjugation has come in HANDY!
  9. I mostly just say “Sim” [or yes] and smile.
    It’s worked out just dandy. [see how that rhymed with #9]
  10. Less > More
    I’d been trying to do that before we came.  Visiting with these people, very humble people, has reminded me it really is true.

Written on July 29, 2016


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  • Reply Pearl T. Davies August 12, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Brooke~~I do hope you get my responses each time you write something for your blog! Everything is just SO much fun to read~~(your unique sense of humor), finding out more about your travels, etc. Keep it up~~you have a gift for writing, and those who aren’t reading these blogs are REALLY missing out on so much!

    Love you much~~take care of yourself and your health! Ready for school???? (or was that a bad thought?)
    Hugs, Grandma D.

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