26 Years of Life

October 8, 2016

So… it was my birthday!  This year I turned 26 whole years.  I’m closer to 30 than 20 but I still look closer to 15, ha ha.  Yup.  Still getting mistaken in the school I TEACH at for being a student.  Not to mention I graduated from the same place in 2009…. but no biggie 🙂

For my birthday weekend we were in Portland with the cross country team.  That was fun.  But my cute husband took me out the day before we left for a fun date.  That little cutie patootie remembered that way back in January I set a goal to learn how to shoot a gun.  So he took me to the rec center and I did just that.  Now I already posted this picture on the gram of insta and yes, I know, my form is terrible.  Don’t be hatin!  It was my first time ok?!  I had fun though.  And I hit my target more than once.  Twice even.


After that fun time we went and stuffed our faces at Texas Roadhouse followed by an episode of Gilmore Girls that Brandon fell asleep for.

But for my 26 years of life, I just thought I’d say… I am so grateful!  This school year (and last 6 months really…) I have been TIRED.  Mostly physically tired but since school has started also emotionally tired.  When I am tired I tend to complain or whine.  Hence I haven’t been the most grateful.  But after thinking about all I have and giving myself an attitude adjustment, I really am so blessed.  Here’s my listy list of what I was whining about and what I am actually grateful for.

My husband:

I don’t get to see him nearly enough.  But he works his little tail off! I’m grateful that he takes Frontrunner to Salt Lake every day, supports me in my work/school/church callings, makes me dinner, and laughs at my jokes that no one else laughs at.  [Ok, technically with that one he’s probably laughing at no one laughing, but it’s still funny.]


This semester’s class is WAY harder than the last.  And even though I am struggling to both find the time to put in the work that needs to be done, I am grateful for this class.  It’s helped me have more empathy for my students that struggle.  It’s helped me learn how to better help my students. This class has stretched me .  So even though I would have liked to take the easy way out, I know in the long run this will be good for me.



Time.  Coaching takes so much time.  Like SO much time.  And I was getting frustrated with all these things that came down to coaching taking TIME.  But really, I am so grateful to coach.  I love being with athletes.  I love hanging out with the remarkable coaches I work with.  I love being able to still be involved in cross country.  I love being able to give back to the sport that has given me so much.  I love seeing the team improve and hit their goals…[this week our girls are nationally ranked for the first time…ever!  #17 in the nation!!].


Ok, I can’t really run still.  It stinks.  BUT!  I am grateful that since the weather has cooled that my body has felt a bit better.  I completed runs over the past few weeks that may have made me die over the summer.  I am grateful for those small wins and for the relief I have felt.  I am grateful for the BEAUTIFUL trails this time of year.  They make my heart so happy!


Yeah….I’m still TIRED, and throwing up, and having my hair fall out, and no, I’m not pregnant.  And it’s hard to be tired like this because half the time I think I’m crazy and the other half I just want to take naps.  But I am grateful for a doctor’s appointment that happened after 6 months of waiting to get in. I’m grateful for tests to see what is [and mostly what isn’t] wrong with me.  I’m grateful for people’s validation and concern. And I’m grateful that whether now or a day far from now, this sickness will be gone.


Teaching is so hard, ha ha.  Like hard may be an understatement for me.  And I have done my share of griping this year about it.  But I have learned so much from teaching.  I see Jesus in a whole new light, and I mean that very seriously.  I have learned how to have more grit.  I have learned how to be patient with the process.  I’ve learned how to teach people and not lessons.  I’ve learned to be patient with myself and with others, though I’m still far from perfect.  And even though it’s hard, I am doing my best and finding the joy in small, daily things.

My cute XC girls wrote on my board for my birthday... If you can't see it says "Happy 50th" ha ha ha.

My cute XC girls wrote on my board for my birthday… If you can’t see it says “Happy 50th” ha ha ha.

The Jazz:

There’s really nothing to complain about here except that I can’t wait for the regular season to begin!  [Oh and Gordon Hayward’s injury is unfortunate as well….]  But I love the Jazz.  And I AM SO EXCITED IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR IT TO START!!!


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  • Reply Pearl T. Davies October 8, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Dear Brooke,

    I always read your blogs~~I laugh, and I cry! I am crying right now as I write this, because I have some health issues we can’t find a solution for. I don’t want to be a burden toUncle Tom~~he has his own challenge with the cancer. But, I just know that no matter how old we are, it’s hard some days to be objective~~to be happy~~and to worry less. My thoughts and my prayers are with you! Know that you are loved~~please get well. If you are able to find out what is going on with your health, please let me know. I do care~~very much.

    Love and hugs,
    Grandma D,

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