Fall Break!

October 20, 2016

Now I know many of you are flipping out about The Donald and The Hillary.  Don’t worry.  Besides that sentence, this post will have nothing to do with those two.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say many times in the future, one of the best things about being a teacher is the Va-Ca-TIONS!  It is Fall Break and I am just happy as a little clam.

So… let’s get this started off right in honor of teachers by watching this hilarious youtube video my father in law showed me.  [This guy is a principal who will tell you how to start your day off right….It’s pretty funny and worth the 1:12 seconds it will take to watch it, ha ha.]

“62 days ’till Christmas”…. ha ha ha ha.  I love this man.

But as for me for the next 3 days…No waking up when the sun is down.  No grabbing a granola bar, goldfish, and slice of cake for breakfast as I sprint out the door to work.  No pure devastation looking at the car and realizing I should have planned an extra 5 minutes because there is frost on my windshield and I have to get to the school for faculty meeting.  No writing of objectives on the board.  No accepting or not accepting late work for the end of the term.  No repeating my instructions 75,000,435,698,421 times.  No telling the same jokes 3 times a day and getting 5 laughs.  No inhaling my lunch as fast as possible.  No holding my bladder for 6 hours [not kidding].  No late practices after school.  No teacher meetings.  No trainings.  No emails.  No kids.  No nothing.  Because I am on Fall Break.


Even though I am pumped about Fall Break…. winning State yesterday with my girls was a pretty great way to start off the break.

I stayed up late watching Jimmy Fallon and pinning jokes on pinterest.  I forced my eyes to stay awake until MIDNIGHT last night!! I slept in.  I visited my Dad.  I wore sweats ALL day.  [Praise the heavens… why didn’t I become a P.E. teacher?!] I watched a Psych.  I did my homework.  I drove to the PG Taco Amigo.  I cleaned my house.  I dejunked some clothes and a closet.  I pet my cute little bunny.  What a dream come true.  I love vacations.

Also….We are currently in the midst of remodeling our kitchen and it is so fun!! Hopefully we will be able to finish most of it this weekend.  We got some free flooring from a friend of my twin’s and we decided… why not remodel the whole thing? I currently have a dream to turn my home into a little farmhouse and we’re getting there piece by piece.


For the record, demolition may be my favorite thing ever.  I absolutely love hammering tile and breaking it, ha ha.  It is the greatest.  I put on some music or a Gilmore Girls, put on my eye goggles and gloves, and hammer away!  I think if that was a professional job- demolition- I would rock at it.

Mostly though, it’s been fun hanging out with my eternal man roommate.  He took Fall Break off too and it’s gonna be a great weekend!


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