December 31, 2016

Man this Christmas break has been fabulous!  Lately we’ve been channelling our inner Chip & Joanna Gaines and remodeling our living room… pictures to come!  Mostly though, it’s been nice to just have free-time to fill with whatever we like.  Here’s some highlights from our fun in the last three weeks.

Christmas was so awesome! We had a great day hanging out with family and going to church.

I’ve been working out again and yesterday I ripped my favorite running tights! But no worries, I’ll just go get more. You can never have too many running tights 🙂

A blurry picture of our little bunny named Stinkers. He is what his name is, a stinker.

We started a new Christmas tradition this year of making Brazilian coxinhas. It took forever but they turned out decent for our first try! They were made entirely from scratch, which, if you know me, is a big deal, ha ha.   

Just enjoying a little free time!

Watching our best pal, Jimmy. We love him so much.

We spent the 23 to Christmas Eve up in Salt Lake. We went to the Jazz game and stayed at a hotel right across the street. SO FUN!

  We are excited for 2017!  2016 has been awesome, but I’m a big fan of beginnings.  Some of our 2016 highlights include:

Working at THS & Brandon at Covance Labs

Starting my MPA at the U

Fun trips including Yellowstone & Disneyland

Going to Brazil to visit Brandon’s mission and see the Olympics

Watching the Jazz not entirely stink

Getting sprinklers, a new roof, and making our home better and better!

Hanging out with our family and friends

We are looking forward to the adventures 2017 will bring!  Whatever they are, I love having my best friend with me.

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