New Living Room

January 28, 2017

We’ve spent a lot of time working on our home to get it more and more like we want it!  It is looking great.  It’s not 100% done, but we’re getting there.

Over Christmas Break we updated and fixed up our living room.  This room was probably the “cutest” when we moved into our house.  The paint was a sea-foam green, which was pretty popular. You can’t tell very well in the pictures, but it is that green color.  It was painted well and is definitely the brightest room in our house.  Especially in comparison to the prison grey in the kitchen and laundry room and dark brown in the back bedroom. Yes.  You saw that right, dark brown. We were confused too, ha ha.

As for furniture and decorations, we’d been given a couch from my parents (thanks mom and dad!) and pretty much just had a lot of hand-me-down furniture from when we were first married.  It was awesome, and we are so grateful people donated those things to us, but we thought it was time for an update.

Since we remodeled our kitchen we can now fit our table in there instead of awkwardly behind our front door… YAY!

This is our old kitchen, which I already posted about.  But we moved out some cabinets and rearranged the fridge and stove (which again, my parents donated their old ones to us… they’re so stinking nice!!).   

Here’s the new kitchen again (with a few updated decorations):

So that left us with lots of room to remodel our living room!  For the kitchen we still want to get new countertops and install a farmhouse sink (which we got for a STEAL on a FB yard sale!! $50…. Yeah, it was amazing).  But just one step at a time!

We wanted to match the white, grey and farmhouse theme in our house.  So…. without further ado…..




We got new couches at Ashley Furniture for 50% off!  Even though we aren’t as poor as we were when we were first married, old habits die hard and we waited forever to buy these couches, ha ha.  We did splurge a little and bought that chaise you see on the left and we love it!  It’s the perfect homework chair.  Oh, and see that fireplace over there?  We built it. Yeah like literally built it from the ground up.  Pinterest + old wood lying around + fixer upper inspiration + a few tiffs no worse than what occurs when building IKEA furniture = that thing over there.  It was pretty hard to build and it’s not perfect, but it turned out pretty awesome.  We had two really old barn doors that we collected over the years that made the “shiplap” behind the TV and the mantle.  It broke my heart a little to cut them up, but they look so much better in use instead of laying around in our back room.


There’s still plans to rip out the tile and get new carpet to make it a more complete/better looking room as well.  I also haven’t fully decided if I’m 100% in love with our fireplace the way it is.  I feel like it needs a few additions.  We’ll probably add a decoration above the TV and then we’re going to get a fake, old- school fireplace/heater to stick inside the hearth.  We’ll add some more decorations and this room will be complete!

Either way though, we’re excited about how our little house is coming along!  I never would have thought that I loved remodeling and designing so much, but I do!  It’s fun to make it ours and learn what we like and don’t like and learn new skills. Plus it keeps me entertained in the winter when I can’t go play outside.

Happy Saturday y’all!

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  • Reply Pearl T. Davies January 28, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    I just admire you and Brandon SO much! The changes in your home are amazing, and it’s obvious you love doing the renovations that you are doing. You have good taste, too for the farmhouse look. What a steal and find to get the farmhouse sink for the kitchen. The different furniture makes a huge difference. (is this still the same TV we gave you?) More power to the two of you, as busy as you are, but sometimes renovations can be a good source of “unwinding”, (barring any major glitches!)
    Keep it up~~enjoy it~~and know that I do admire you and love what you’ve done!

    Much love,

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