I’ll Let My Phone Tell The Story

February 13, 2017

For this week’s update I pretty much have just dumped my photos from my phone onto the blog.  But I thought they told a pretty good story so here we go:

We said goodbye to our dear friends the Messerly’s!  They are headed off to Colorado for work/school.  They were some of our first (and greatest) friends when we got married and lived in Provo.  We will miss you guys!  

Snow, snow, snow.  Brandon and I had a fun time knocking down the icicles on our house.  We were laughing like crazy people and I think the new neighbors may have wondered if we were alright, ha ha. 

We had a blast going with our newphews & Tosha to a UVU basketball game.  I really do love UVU sooooo much!  Go Wolverines!  

Let’s just say the last few weeks have been LOOOONG.  I’ve been up around 6:30 and working (quite literally) on school, teaching, or coaching until 11:00 PM or later every night.  It’ll be worth it but I came home one day to some flowers, Dr. Pepper, and a cute note from Brandon.

Ummmm… I’m just going to leave this protest picture here and you can make assumptions about my political views all by yourself, ha ha.

The cute little achievement day girls “heart attacked” us.  The funniest thing was that as they were coming up to do it we were leaving and Brandon thought they were just coming to say hi…. nope.  Ha ha, they hid behind the fence and we were laughing so hard as we got in the car and drove away.

This picture is from parent teacher conference.  I always laugh at the one cup of trail mix and water bottle we get.  It’s not that I don’t like it, I just find it hilarious.  As you can see all I eat out of mine is the m & m’s.  They should probably just give me a bag of those next time, ha ha.

And to sum it all up, our early Valentine’s date.  Brandon took me to see “Hidden Figures” (which was AWESOME!!!).  We went out to Texas Roadhouse and finished it up by watching the Jazz game.  He sure knows the way to my history nerd-out, steak eating, Jazz loving heart.

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