March Madness

March 28, 2017

There are some things that I absolutely love about March!

#1.  Basketball: ALL. THE. TIME. The Jazz, men’s & women’s NCAA tournaments, I mean, I’m basically in heaven.

#2.  I know the snow is not going to stay anymore.  Something about the slowly greening grass and the snow melting off the mountains just brightens me right up.  [Well, that and the fact that my Vitamin D deficiency drastically improves, ha ha].

This March has been crazy.  And I realized I haven’t documented a few things in my life that are kinda cool, so here we go.

Firstly…. we got a new car!!   [See image below].  I got in an accident [not my fault] earlier this month and so we needed a new car.  We got a Ford Focus and it looks identical to the one below if you add in some Jazz memorabilia and a UVU sticker.

Fun times ^^.

Secondly: I started a Summer camp!  That’s random, I know.  Not really, but I don’t have time to blog about it right now so just know that it will be awesome and if you are going into 8th-12th grade and are a girl, or know someone that is…. feel free to come!  [].  Don’t mind my shameless self-promotion.

^^Camp counselor flashback from 20111.

Also, somehow I failed to post a single picture of me coaching basketball so here is one for you:

It was so fun and I loved it!  It was great to work with amazing other coaches and coach basketball.  Being inside all winter and avoiding the freezing runs didn’t hurt either ;).

Be warned: Diseased picture below!  My body is STRUGGLING.  Here is my mysterious rash picture I sent to Brandon earlier this week.  It’s all over both my arms, very itchy, and still going strong a week later.  Good times, good times.  Thank goodness for friends who bring me oatmeal bath mixes!  It’s been the only thing that has helped!   

^^Cute bunny (blurry picture) who I’m not allergic to.

We attended my Grandpa Wally’s funeral a few weeks ago and it was a great service.  He was a WWII veteran, was passionate about his hobbies and interests, and always had a story to tell.  He went out in style in this really cool, old-school hearse.

And it wouldn’t be March Madness without a million track meets & as many Jazz games as possible.


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