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April 17, 2017

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Guuyyyyyyssssssss!! It has been SEVEN YEARS.  SEVEN YEARS.  SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!

I think it’s been so long I’d forgotten what it felt like to have hope in an NBA season.

In case you didn’t know…. the Jazz won.  Game 1.  Of the first round of the playoffs. IN Los Angeles! Which we haven’t done in 7 years.  WITHOUT GOBERT!!!!!  [We’ll talk about that later.]

Seriously though.  The last few days I have been one happy camper.  The last two times I went to a playoff game the Jazz were swept.  At the end of those seasons really there was not very much hope. And at that time I was still a freshman in college and had blonde hair!  Which means I haven’t really blogged about the Jazz in 7 years.  And I’ve gotten used to people laughing when I say I’m a Jazz fan.  So now that I have the chance to blog about the Jazz in the playoffs, and the chance of a round 2 is looking fairly bright…. I just have to tell the whole world my thoughts.  #jazznation

Just getting a little more festive and old school over here

Game 1:

Let’s be honest, the Clippers have been playing phenomenal!  Going into the first game I figured we’d likely lose game 1 and would be lucky to win game 2.  I mean, my inner hopes and dreams always assume we are going to sweep every series and end up winning an NBA championship but sometimes for social purposes I have to be more realistic.

When Gobert got hurt in the first 17 seconds I just wanted to cry!  I LOOOOOOVE Gobert.  He is definitely my favorite player on the Jazz right now (well, him and Neto).  I love scrappy, feisty, hard core basketball players and he is just that.  I love the fact that he gets technicals.  I love that we are able to call Salt Lake “Swat Lake City”.  I love the fact that when he got hurt he was literally crawling down the court trying to get back.  He is hard core and I LOVE him!

I am SO grateful that he didn’t tear his ACL.  I was almost sure he had due to the fact that he couldn’t stand back up or put weight on it.  Hopefully he’ll be able to return in a game or two because we definitely need him.

But given that injury the Jazz stepped up!  The Clippers honestly didn’t play that great and it was a miracle that Chris Paul didn’t hit too many shots the first half.  Now let’s fast forward the rest of the game where I basically just yelled about how much I hate watching Mack play [that man seriously can not get through a screen to save his life] to the last 30 seconds.

Joe Johnson!  My goodness that old man can play!  One of my facebook friends shared this Titanic version of the last shot and it is too good not to share.

If this isn’t a new and improved Jazz team, I don’t know what is.  The rest of the series without Gobert could be tricky but I’m hopeful he’ll be able to come back.  Either way now we have the home court advantage and are guaranteed at least a game 5.  Happy playoffs!  And happy the Jazz might actually win a series for the first time in 7 years!

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  • Reply Steph April 17, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    I love seeing your post pop up in my email and hearing your excitement about the Jazz. I am so stoked for you that your team is in the playoffs. Hopefully it can be as epic as 1996. Or was it 98? What was the year with Stockton, Malone and Rodhman?

    • Reply brookegojazz June 5, 2017 at 6:43 pm

      Yes indeedy!!!

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