Summer 2017

June 5, 2017

Summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer!!!

Oh how I love summer.

I mean, I miss the Jazz…but I am LOVING my time off from teaching!

In my short 7 days of Summer I have:

  • Slept In
  • Torn out the remaining tile in our home and re-floored our kitchen and started our living room (with Brandon of course)
  • Seen Wonder Woman (AAAAAMAZING! I was a fan).
  • Collaborated with some good history pals at Orem High
  • Spent a whole day relaxing in bed (ok actually I was pretty sick but I’m gonna call it relaxing, ha ha) and watching the Office
  • Ran 8 miles and puked every half mile (not the greatest idea I’ve ever had after that day above ^^)
    • This was actually slightly comical as we were running and I would stop and people doing yard work and just stare.  At one point I told Brandon just to run ahead and I thought no one was watching as I dry-heaved my guts (literally) out.  Then I look over and I see this lady peering over a white picket fence severely concerned, ha ha.  Thankfully Brandon was back soon.  I wanted to wave and be like “It’s ok, I do this lots.  Running you know… it’s SUUUUPER fun!  You should try it”.
    • I may also have had some slow tears when I finished.  I’ve really had to adjust to my body’s struggles the last year especially and I just was upset after this run.  I get frustrated, jealous, irritated, sick, tired, and every other emotion under the sun.  I’m grateful for the good days I do have occasionally but also sometimes just REALLY miss being able to go out and workout and it wouldn’t be this whole roller coaster, who knows how I’ll feel, I feel like I got hit by a truck affair.
  • Gone to school
    • This consists of a law class, economics class, and a research design class.  I really wish I loved law more, ha ha.  I just get so irritated with so many parts of law.  Economics I actually love and I’m getting pretty pumped for my research project and class.  So yeah, summer school, everyone’s favorite.
    • Speaking of summer school I’ve had about 5 people ask me if I teach summer school and I just laugh and laugh and laugh.  No.  Um.  Hek no.  I love it but hello, advantage of being a teacher is SUMMER.
  • Gotten ready for girls camp [we go tomorrow…. YAAAAAY mountains!!]
  • Started cross country.  Literally today was the first day so not a ton of XC yet but we have lots of girls and it should be a fun season.
  • Continued doing stuff for my leadership camp this July (SIGN UP!!!! We need some more girls and we are gonna have a great time!  P.S. email/message me for a discount!!
  • Oh!  This next one is really exciting!  I got accepted to a summer teacher institute for a week at Duke University in North Carolina.  I get to study historical and current political context of Islam.  It’s SUUUUPER nerdy and I am pumped!  Why?
    A. I’m really excited to go to North Carolina
    B. It’s Free
    C.  I love teaching current events and social justice stuff so this is going to be excellent for that!
    D.  Yay for unplanned vacations!

So yeah, it’s been an amazing week, ha ha.  It’s so great to actually have time to do what I want and need to do!  YAAAAAY Summer!

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