5 Years & Lots of Fun Summer

July 10, 2017

This summer has been BUSY!!! I kind of had imagined it would be, but I also slightly miss waking up and coming up with a million things I want to do.

So.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Grad school:

Lots of classes for me this summer.  Many people may not know this about me but I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  So when I get assignments and they have lots of reading, writing, etc. and I did that [ok and I did 90% of the readings, ha ha] and don’t get a perfect grade, I get frustrated.  Which means more reading, more time, etc.  For some reason a couple of the classes I’m in this semester I am struggling to find a groove and the topics just aren’t my favorite.  BUT!  I keep working and honestly these classes are what are taking up a lot of my time.

Just me chillin in the my hotel room…. doing homework, ha ha. Hooray for my epic crunch time skills!

North Carolina Islamic Seminar:

This was AMAZING!  About the second to last week of school we got an email about a week long seminar (all expenses paid) for teachers to go to North Carolina and learn about Islam and the history of the Middle East.  So I mustered up all the energy I had left (which was about .05% of a full tank) and filled out the application.  I really didn’t think I’d get in but… I DID!! #tendermercy

It was an incredible experience.  We spent the entire week at Duke University learning from incredible professors.  In particluar, Omid Safi who is incredibly intelligent and an amazing teacher, taught most of the course and I gained so much from his teaching.  [Here is his website if you are interested.] . We got a bunch of free books on Islam and the Middle East, ate Middle Eastern food for every meal [which is not as great on the stomach as it may first sound…ha ha], learned different ways to implement this into our classroom.  Oh, and most importantly I made some really great friends.  I really think teachers are the greatest and kindest people.

So after that amazing week I feel reinvigorated about teaching and have some great things to put into my classroom.  I also checked off North Carolina from my bucket list which I was excited to do!  We didn’t really get to see much of the sites because we were learning from 8 AM to 8 PM [literally], but I still had a great time.  I even did a little run around Duke’s campus.  Overall, it was a great experience and I had an amazing time.

Here’s a cool video of us doing our thing that summarizes our experiences.  And don’t worry, yours truly is in there for a solid 2 seconds.

The view outside our hotel

Me and one of my new friend’s went to this place called “Monuts”…. it was AMAZING!

Eh, not the best picture but this was on my run around their campus.

At the Duke Chapel… which was BEAUTIFUL!!

Our awesome professor, Omid, teaching us

The whole gang 🙂

5 Years of Marriage:

We celebrated our 5th anniversary!  And we were so happy about it!  Brandon used basically the last of his vacation time before he heads off to PhD school to take the week off and we had such a great time!  We finished up all the small details in our living room, went camping on the 4th [which was fun but hot and I actually prefer being in O-town on holidays I think], went to a Jazz summer league game, stayed in Salt Lake, and went to the zoo.  We had such a good time and it was so fun to just be able to hang out and not be rushing to a million things.

Marriage keeps getting better and better.  We were talking about each of our years of marriage and we both said, “The first year was SUPER SUPER HARD, and then really after that each year has gotten more fun and awesome.” We love our life and I’m glad to be married to someone who is my biggest fan.

We went to the Zoo pretty early and all the animals were awesome! They were awake, being fed, and were super cool.

Just the classic face in the lion drinking fountain pic

A Jazz game in the middle of the summer? I’ll take any break from all the baseball to watch a Jazz game ANY DAY.

5 years of marriage and we are happy!

CAMPING! Which was fun. But next year we want to be back where things are being blown up and BBQ’d, ha ha.

The Rest of Summer:

The rest of summer is going to be a bit crazy as well!  I’ve got my leadership camp coming up, Youth Conference, more teaching collaboration, coaching and XC camp, and then school is starting.  We went to Walmart & Target on Friday and they had all their school supplies out.  I wanted to cry.  It’s cruel really, reminding me that I have to go back to school here soon.  So this has been a really busy summer and though this school year is also going to be busy I know there’s a time and season for busy-ness and this just happens to be mine.

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