Peace Out Summer!

August 22, 2017

Summer is over.  And though I’m usually depressed about this, this school year I’m excited for a fresh start and new chapter.  [Though my sadness about the loss of sunshine is still going strong, ha ha… #ineedtomove]

This cutie patootie and I spent my last Saturday having an amazing [and much needed] day together.  Seven Peaks, free food for Brandon’s birthday week, and a waltz around BYU to find his classes [don’t worry, I wore UVU gear and U of U sunglasses] were just the ticket.

At night we had the awesome opportunity to go to a fundraiser for our sweet friends the Swenson’s.  They are hoping to adopt and we had a blast at the fundraiser!  Good music, good food, and an amazing time catching up with some of our dear friends from our time as newlyweds in Provo.

They are seriously an amazing family and people!! They have a great blog up about their story, places to donate, and contact info. []

It really was so fun just seeing some of our friends from our Married Student Ward and catching up.  They are incredible, fun, and kind people and I’m grateful we have been blessed to know such awesome examples.

Now on to school and the new adventures it brings!

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