Fall Update

October 7, 2017

I haven’t been much in the mood for a long blog lately.  I’ve attempted a few times about topics that I thought I had a lot to say about.  I got to about three sentences and I didn’t want to write anymore…. so here’s some pictures…and maybe some updates.

I normally just LOVE the Fall!  I normally can’t even stand how beautiful the colors are and the feeling of a trail run with that nice cool breeze.  I still love the Fall this year, but in a different way I guess.  The colors are beautiful, the cooler temperatures are nice, and it means the Jazz season is almost here.  In a weird similarity though, my life is going through lots of changes right now and so perhaps I don’t find the extreme shifts of the weather and colors quite as exciting as other times.

We turned 27!  I can’t even really describe how BUSY the last 6 months has been so this year’s birthday month was pretty low key.  Honestly my favorite gift was the fact that my husband invited my twin over to hang out with me.  We went to Taco Amigo and chatted and that time was the best thing I could have had.

We got a new bunny!  It was given to me as a gift on my birthday from my cross country girls…. so after a little thought, we decided to keep her!  She’s pretty cute and now I’m one step closer to owning my bunny farm in Kamas.  Speaking of cross country I do love the girls that I coach. A handful of them knocked on my door this morning just to say hi.  My favorite part about coaching is easily the relationships that I build with these wonderful young people and trying to help them navigate this time in their lives.  Plus some of them are just SO hilarious that they keep me entertained throughout this crazy thing we call life.

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