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Light the World [Ideas Days 2-21]

December 2, 2017

I absolutely LOVE the Light the World theme put on by the LDS church.  It helps me get outside myself and really focus on what matters for Christmas.  As I was looking through the different days this year I felt like I just needed more resources!  So, I compiled a list here of different organizations and ideas I had for the first 20[ish] day.  If you like it…. great!  If you don’t like it…. great!  I just wanted to put a bunch of my ideas in one place and here they are!

Day 1: Is Over….soooooo….. good luck to you and me, ha ha.

Day 2: “I Was Thirsty & You Gave Me Drink”

There are a ton of really cool organizations that help with sustainable development in other countries.  Charity Water is one that I researched that tracks where your money goes and shows you where they are developing sustainable water… cool!

Day 3: “Use Your Talents”

The United Way is a hub of resources and volunteer opportunities!  They have short and long term opportunities for a variety of organizations.  The LDS church has also put together a REALLY cool website called “Just Serve” with volunteer opportunities as well.   Take whatever talents and time you have and go help someone!

Day 4: Neighborhood Love

A great way to share love with your neighborhood is to get involved.  Go to a city council meeting, join a community committee, support a locally owned business or attend an event in your city.  Since I live in Orem  I have put a few links of ways to get involved in that city though other towns have similar links/opportunities.

Orem City Volunteer opportunities

Orem City Boards/Commissions

Orem City Calendar (Find City Council/other meetings here)

 Day 5: Parents

When I was a kid, after my Grandma died my Grandpa came over every Sunday for dinner.  Honestly it was one of my favorite things and I’m grateful for all the time we got to spend with him!  Brandon and I still go over to our parent’s each Sunday and we are grateful for that.  So if you live close to family, have them over or go over there!  It’s a great opportunity to see each other.

Day 6: Other Perspectives

Since my master’s degree is in the political science field and I teach a lot about current events/politics I spend a lot of time trying to understand different political perspectives.  These are two quizzes I have my student’s take to understand where they are politically.  Then AFTER that I have them research the opposing views side of their most passionate issue and tell me the strengths to the opposing argument.  It’s a helpful way to humanize the “other side” and be able to have more productive conversations.

Pew Research Center Political Typology

I Side With [Be sure to click on “learn more” to understand the issue better]

Day 7: Ways You can Help Children

Donate to your local school! Teachers do so much and spend a lot out of their own pocket.  Help a teacher and their students out!  A lot of the time you can designate exactly who/where/to what it goes to.

Alpine School District Donations

KSL Quarters for Christmas is another great charity that helps kids.

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