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January 23, 2018

Hey all!  We are so grateful that you want to help us in pursuing adoption.  Here are a few topics/ways to help that we have learned  about that might be helpful to know going forward!

Pray for Us/Good Wishes:

Regardless of your beliefs we could use all the faith, prayer, and good wishes we can get.  If you have a minute we’d love if you could send a prayer or good vibe for our family to find our newest member and for the birth parent/s and their families as well.

Private Infant Adoption/Finding Our Family:

We have decided to pursue private/independent infant adoption.  We are working with Utah Adoption Specialists for the social work side and will hire a lawyer for the legal side and thus will not be hiring an adoption agency.  This basically means we will be doing the work of finding our baby instead of an agency doing it for us.  That means we need your help!  Our caseworker has said that the majority of private adoptions come through word of mouth.  Ways to do that are:

  • Sharing our website & social media accounts
  • Talking to people you know
  • Sending us any information you may have about a possible match.
  • Also, if you know someone who is thinking of placing their child for adoption you can send them to our blog, social media, or contact us through email.
  • You can find all of our contact info here or can email us at

Open Adoption: 

We are hoping for an open adoption.  This means that if desired, the birth parent/s  may have some type of contact with us and the child.  If matched, we’d be happy to discuss what works best for the birth parent/s, us, and the child.



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