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Hoping To Adopt

January 23, 2018

Well this is a CRAZY post to write!  But Brandon and I are…

Hoping to Adopt!

I feel like there’s a big long back story I should tell you, but I’ll try to keep it simple for now.  I’ll probably update and post some more about our journey of how we got here, but for now here’s a synopsis.

Some of you know that my health has had some ups and downs over the last few years.  Overall, the good news is that I’m doing just fine and there has not been anything crazy found.  We knew though that as we started our family we may run into some problems both getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term.

After finishing my time at UVU and some post-collegiate running, we decided to start trying for a baby!  [Yay!!] However, a year passed with no success and our doctor at Valley OBGYN [which I love btw] did some tests and diagnosed us with female infertility.  Following 7 months of treatments [which were TOUGH on me and my body!] and still no positive pregnancy sign, we went in for more tests, this time at a fertility center.  These tests came back showing that there were a few more things wrong than initially thought.  As of right now we are still working with a fertility center for a more holistic diagnosis and to see what the future holds.  We feel confident that no matter what happens, and no matter how our family grows, we’ll find and have the kids that are meant to be ours.

Dr. Pepper is always a good reward for medical tests 🙂

So that may answer some of the fertility questions you may have.  The next question is, how did we get to adoption?  This is actually not the first time adoption has come to our minds and it’s not necessarily a “if we struggle with infertility then we will adopt”.  It has however led us more in that direction.  As a teenager I often wondered if I would adopt and we think that adoption stories can be very beautiful.

One of the greatest blessings helping us get to adoption are some wonderful friends.  Despite the struggles and challenges that have sometimes felt unbearable while trying to grow our family, it has been incredible to see how God is in the details of our lives.  One of those blessings and people are our dear friends, the Swenson’s.   We met Emily and Erik right after we were married in our LDS student ward in Provo.  I visit taught Emily and we both seemed to just get along well.  I had no idea that in a few years she would be so important to our family!

Fast forward a few years, we’d both moved aways from Provo, and Emily and Erik announced that they were hoping to adopt.  We attended a fundraiser for them and reconnected. As we looked more into adoption and as our fertility treatments continued to fail, I knew I should and could reach out to Emily for help.  Those of you that know me well may know that I’m not great about sharing my super personal struggles or asking for help.  I was so grateful that I knew Emily was approachable, kind, and someone I could trust.  Isn’t it cool to see that 5 years earlier God put me in a place to meet someone who would be able to help me with challenges I didn’t know I’d be having?  God really is good.

So after meeting with Emily, praying and praying and praying, thinking about other examples we’d had in our life of adoption including the amazing example of my dear neighbor Dylan (who passed away this year) and his wife and son, as well as family members involved in adoption, we’ve decided to move forward on adopting!  We hope you will be excited for us on this journey!

You can read this blog post here to learn how you can help, what type of adoption we are pursuing, and more about where we are going from here.  Thanks for all the love and support you have shown us not just in this aspect in our life but in all that we do!  We’re excited to see where life and God takes us and can’t wait to meet our newest family member!







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  • Reply Pearl T. Davies January 23, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Dearest Brooke and Brandon,
    I wish I could covey the absolute joy and happiness for both of you at this time. God has provided a way for you to become parents and fulfill that desire that you have. I feel that you have been guided all along the way, despite, the ups and downs, the disappointments, the emotional and physical pain and all you have experienced. But, it looks so promising now. The hope and prayer of grandpa and I, is that all will go well~~that plans will move along as they should~~that your health problems won’t be a problem at this time (I’ve observed for some time that all was NOT well with you, Brooke.) Now it is the emotional aspect of waiting, perhaps being disappointed and anxious as you wait, but knowing that God has a plan for you, will be your main support. We are more than happy for you~~please come by and see us. (check with us first, since there are some nights that the family brings in our evening meal.) But we would love to share this wonderful news with you, with some time with you. May our heavenly Father continue to bless and guide you. We love you dearly. Grandma and Grandpa

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