About Miss Pants

Yes, you heard it, my name is Miss Pants.  My eternal man roommate gave that to me when every phrase I spoke ended with the word pants…. “Hey you goober pants!”  “What’s going on crazy pants?” “I need to buy new… pants.”  You catch my drift.

Anyways my real name is Brooke and I am a die hard Utah Jazz fan.  My mom thought I’d grow out of it– but call me a rebel, I never did!  In my spare time I am a high school history teacher/ track coach and enjoy living the life of never becoming a true adult.  I love looking up pictures of baby bunnies when I’m sad, eating Mexican food, talking politics, and running, running running!  I’m a former collegiate track/cross country athlete and currently coach at a local high school.  I married my best friend from high school [no we weren’t high school lovers], have a twin brother [10 whole minutes older and he never let me forget it!], and enjoy pushing the snooze button about 45 times in the morning.

This blog is here to inspire you to live your life and dreams to the fullest!  Here you’ll find inspirational posts, running and fitness tips, and musings of my hilarious life.  

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