Brandon [by Brooke]

Brooke here writing about my best friend in the whole world, Brandon.  I met Brandon in high school and we instantly hit it off.  Eventually after a mission, some running around on a track, a little awkward go, and some dating…. we got hitched!  I highly recommend marrying your best friend, it makes life SOOOO much better.

So what do I love about Brandon?  One of my favorite things about Brandon is his sense of humor.  Brandon can make me laugh as well as tease me about the funny quirks and things I do in life.  Laughing is easily one of my favorite past times and he makes me laugh and laughs at my jokes too.

Brandon really is the best for me.  Every morning in the winter he wakes up and scrapes my windshield, even if he is not leaving for the day.  He cooks every day, does laundry, works hard in his job and school, and more than anything else, he really likes me ha ha.  One of my favorite things about Brandon is that I’ve never wondered if he loved me, liked me, or thought I was the coolest…. I know he thinks all of those things and more.

Brandon is going to be theeeeee best daddy!  Honestly, that’s one of the reasons I married him.  I knew he’d be a great dad and support and love our family.

Rarely does he ever smile “normal” for a picture ha ha

Brandon and I are also VERY different in our personalities.  I am impulsive, he’s more logical and practical.  I am like a chipmunk on caffeine, he’s mellow and naturally reserved.  I talk a mile a minute, he is the best listener in the world.  I like eating out (and eating the same thing again and again), he likes eating at home and trying new things.  I’m a sweats every day if possible type of person, he’s a belt buckle and jeans kinda guy.  Despite our differences, we make it work.  The saying “opposites attract” is true and it makes our marriage and life that much more fun.

Obviously life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.  We’ve had our ups and downs in life like everyone does.  The cool thing about Brandon is that he never gives up.  He’ll keep working and pushing and together we’ve gotten through trials in our marriage, health, school, and just life in general.  We’ve got a solid foundation and I know that no matter what lies ahead, we’ll make it through.