Brooke [by Brandon]

Committed. That’s the best word that describes Brooke. Committed in everything she does. Oh wait, actually, let’s go with dedicated, that’ll cover more of her characteristics. Aw nah, service-oriented. That’s good. But what about loving? And smart! Oh, and beautiful! We can’t forget about funny, spontaneous, and incredible either. Boy oh boy, it’s a lot harder than I was thinking to sum it all up in one word so I’m going with… comserlovmarutifuntaneble. There. That’s it! That’s Brooke for y’all.

Now, here’s the thing: if we are talking about what’s in store for the her and how Brooke will be described in the future, well then that changes everything and makes it a heck of a lot easier: #greatestmommyever

Ok, to tell everything you need to know about the greatest girl I could ever marry there’s a couple of things you can do to help me out so you don’t have to read a trillion pages that I’d write about her:

  1. Go to a Utah Jazz game (she bleeds green/yellow… or blue/white… or whatever color they are that year. Plus, she’s cheering even when they are 0-82).
  2. Pet a baby rabbit (no need to explain here, just do it).
  3. Brush up on your current events and US history (she just very well might quiz you).
  4. Watch Wonder Woman and just picture her face instead of Gal Gadot.

Can you do those? If so, you’ve got almost half of what makes her who she is.

Besides being super ticklish, addicted to Taco Amigo, and jumping into sweats or more comfortable clothes after a long work day (or any work day) as fast as she can, there are so many qualities that makes Brooke one-of-a-kind.

After excelling in both high school academics and running, she moved onto bigger and better things at Utah Valley University, where she continued her excellent streak and made some of the best five years of her life studying and running there. There was no surprise when she landed a high school teacher job that all her classes were busting at the seams with kids who wanted her as their teacher. On top of that, she is an amazing student at the University of Utah getting her Masters of Public Administration. Beyond the “public sphere” (as Brooke calls it) she also is a great example of service and faith as she teaches in church and helps those around her.

To be completely honest, I’ve learned so much about how to milk the fun out of every day because of how much Brooke loves to enjoy life and have fun. Of course, we all have our times of ups and downs but in the end, she always comes out on top. She’s full of awesome ideas for everything. From DIY home projects (she designed and built a fireplace) and budgeting for school and family (super-duper organized wonder woman) to how to teach the most important parts of history to her students (watch lots of movies) and promoting social justice, gender equality, and freedom (can I get a ‘Murica?), she’s got it all. If it’s been a long week and you just need a break, what does she suggest? Watch the Batman trilogy and fill up on ice-cream for dinner.

People on the outside know who Brooke is. However, I know Brooke the bestest of all. She’s an amazing Christ-like example who continues to amaze me. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ve had some of my greatest adventures with her that include country music concerts, beach vacations, serving family, making our house a home, and preparing for children. She’s impossible not to love and it’s impossible not to feel her love.