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    My Summer, As Described By The Princess Bride

    Guys. I can’t even. About 48 minutes ago I submitted the final paper of this semester!!!!! HALLELUJIAH!!!! Since my mental power is about a 0.1 on a scale of infinity, I’m gonna use Princess…

    August 5, 2017
  • Lifestyle

    5 Years & Lots of Fun Summer

    This summer has been BUSY!!! I kind of had imagined it would be, but I also slightly miss waking up and coming up with a million things I want to do. So.  Here’s what…

    July 10, 2017
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    Summer 2017

    Summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer, summer!!! Oh how I love summer. I mean, I miss the Jazz…but I am LOVING my time off from teaching! In my short 7 days of Summer I have:…

    June 5, 2017
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    Summer. Is. Coming.

    So…. the end of the school year was FLYING by!!  And then all of a sudden the Jazz were out of the playoffs and each day was SOOOOOOOO long, ha ha ha. Oh Jazz.  How…

    May 11, 2017
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    Jazz Thoughts

    ^^Image from Guuyyyyyyssssssss!! It has been SEVEN YEARS.  SEVEN YEARS.  SEVEN YEARS!!!!!! I think it’s been so long I’d forgotten what it felt like to have hope in an NBA season. In case…

    April 17, 2017