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    School is Out! So We Went to the Mountains!

    June 5, 2016

    SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!! Sometimes I wonder if I should be a teacher.  It’s a lot of work.  It tests my patience.  It’s really hard.  (It’s also hilarious…. but you know….).  But every time I wonder if I picked the right career, summer comes along and makes all my dreams come true. We started off by heading into the mountains.  I had never been to Yellowstone & Brandon has a mission companion that lives in Montana.  It WAS AWESOME!  Track season…

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  • Lifestyle Teaching

    End of the School Year

    The end of the school year got me like…. 3 weeks and counting!!! Ok, technically 4, but the last week of high school doesn’t really count. It is so hilarious because the seniors think…

    May 1, 2016